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Add life to years, not years to life.


                              It's said that ‘Add life to years and not years to life', this is possible only, when you have a healthy life, by resisting and not giving into the pressures of this competitive era.

                          Due to the advancements in medical research, mortality rate has decreased, but in spite of that, 70-80% of the population fall prey to the NCD, i.e. Non Communicable diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart ailments, in an early age due to unhealthy life style.

                           World Health Day, celebrated on April 7, marks the founding of World Health Organisation, but it actually draws attention to the importance of good health, not only individually, but also that of our communities, our society, and beyond, for every human being in this world.

                      As an NGO, we try to improve health of common people by educating them to protect themselves & stay healthy. Minor consistent changes bring in major results so we would like to suggest some basic changes, which can give you a better life,:-

1)               Regular work out

2)              Cut down on oil & fats

3)              Go for colorful and natural food instead of junk food.

4)              Avoid any type of addiction, be it smoking or alcohol.

5)              Play safe sex

6)              Work out on self improvisation, instead of criticisizing others.

7)              Stay cool, don't lose your temper on petty things.

8)              Cultivate a hobby for recreational purpose.

9)              Do Self Introspection every day on what u did today and what u want do for your future.

10)          Last,but not the least, ‘Love urself', as you are not going to do all the above things , unless and until u love urself.

             Balancing and managing in the right way by doing right things will lead you to a long and healthier way of living.

Women- Be Aware.

              Today's Women are called ‘Wonder Women”, who know how to balance the scales between work place and home. But in this multitasking, they usually tend to forget their own needs.

            Basically every woman undergoes many hormonal changes, in her life, therefore she should be aware of these changes, and should notify any abnormal sign or symptoms occurring in her body.

          Cancers occurring in female reproductive systems are called ‘Gynaecological Cancers'. Each gynaecological cancer is unique and are named after its site of origin, such as

·       Cervical Cancer

·       Ovarian Cancer

·       Uterine Cancer

·       Vaginal Cancer

·       Vulvar Cancer

       Apart from this, the other most common cancer occurring in female is Breast cancer.

               These cancers can be beningn, which are restricted to these parts only or they can be metastatic and can spread to other parts of the body.

               Every woman can be at risk for the above stated cancers and the risk increases with age of the female, however there are certain rules by which we can prevent cancers which are as follows






               There are five thumbrules, which women should follow for the prevention of the cancer:-

·       Self assessment:-

           Look out for any of these alarming signs and symptoms

1)               Pelvic Pain

2)              Abnormal vaginal bleeding

3)              Abnormal Growth or discharge or pain in breast

4)              Persistent abdominal swelling or bloating

5)              Unintended weight loss or gain

6)              Persistent bowel changes like diarrhea & constipation.

           If any of these symptoms last for more than 2 weeks, then it's time to seek a opinion from your doctor.

·       Play safe. Practice safe sex.

·       Get Immunized against HPV virus

·       Screen yourself especially for cervical cancer and breast cancer as advised by your doctor from time to time.


                   Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the treatment depends upon the stage of the cancer, & its site of origin. Usually it is comprised of

·       Surgery: - Excision is the first line of treatment.

·       Chemotherapy.

·       Radiotherapy.

·       Medicinal support

Show yourself that you care, by being ‘Aware'

AWord on Cancer- For a Cancer Free World.

     World Cancer Day is marked on February 4 to ‘create & raise' an awareness of cancer, so as to detect & cure the disease from its roots.

     World cancer day is an event held globally aimed to eradicate the cancer by 2020. This can be achieved by implementing the ‘Evidence based Strategies' for cancer prevention, for early detection of cancer & management of the disease.


Life Style altering Strategies:-

               More than 50% of the Cancer Deaths can be prevented by altering and avoiding certain risk factors such as:-

·       Tobacco use

·       Alcohol use

·       Unhealthy Diet

·       Lack of Physical Activity

·       Sexually Transmitted Disease especially HPV

·       Air pollution

·       Radiation.

Prevention Startegies:-

                    Cancer can be prevented by,

·       Avoidance of the factors listed above.

·       Vaccination against Viral Infections(HPV & HBV)

·       Control of Occupational Hazards.

Early Detection Strategies:-

                      Cancer Mortality can be reduced, if cases are detected & treated at an early stage. This can be achieved in two stages ie,

·       Creating awareness about the ‘alarming signs and symptoms' caused due to cancer.

·       Screening, ie investigative procedures to be followed as advised by your doctor from time to time.


Treatment Strategies:-

                  Cancer treatment requires a careful selection of intervention, either it is a Curative Strategy( Surgery, Chemotherapy, or Radiotherapy)  Or a Palliative Startegy, depending on the general condition of the patient & the type of the cancer.

Chemotherapy- A step towards Cancer Cure.


   Chemotherapy commomnly known as ‘chemo' is a definitive step towards cancer cure. Chemotherapy can be given  either with a ‘curative' intent or to alleviate the symptoms, ie ‘Palliative intent'. In both cases, it is used in conjunction with the other treatments, ie surgery and radiation.


Mode of action:-

   In chemotherapy, chemotherapeutic drugs are administered in the body in the form of single drug or in a combination of drugs. These drugs target the rapidly dividing abnormal cancer cells, thereby retarding or stop the rapid growth of abnormal cells.

     Depending on the patient's general condition & type of cancer, chemotherapy is either given intravenously or it can be given orally, However as these are cytotoxic drugs, their toxicity can lead to various side effects , so to combat this the regimen is  strategised as follows:-

·       Single Drug Therapy:-

       This is a traditional method by using a single drug, but its use is now limited, due to its high dose toxicity.

·       Combination Drug Therapy:- Combination of drugs can be used to minimize the dose , thereby reducing the toxicity of the drug. Apart from this patient don't form a resistance against these drugs.

·       Neo- Adjuvant Therapy:- It is given prior to the surgery so as to shrink the primary tumour.

·       Adjuvant Therapy:- is given after a local treatment, ie either radiotherapy or surgery.

·       Maintenance Chemotherapy:- is a repeated low dose treatment to prolong remission.


Adverse Effects:-

               The major concern of this treatment are its adverse effects, as this therapy targets the rapidly dividing abnormal cancer cells, Unintentionally it also targets normal cells also, leading to

·       Myelosuppression:-

          Chemotherapy drugs cause depression of the immune system by paralyzing the bone marrow and leading to a decrease of blood cells. In severe regimens, bone marrow is completely destroyed, thereby indicating the need of BMT.

·       Typhilitis

·       Gastrointestinal Disorders

·       Anaemia

·       Fatigue

·       Hair loss

·       Infertility

·       Relapse of neoplasms

·       Neurological Adverse Effects

·       Tumour Lysis syndrome

·       Organ Damage.

         These side effects can be acute or chronic depends upon the toxicity of the drugs and its term of use, ie long term or short term use of these drugs.

  Chemotherapy, despite its cons, is the preferred line of treatment where conventional surgery fails, to cure the patient.


‘Cure urself….from cancer..by making the right choice in right time'


Stop it… Before It Spreads

Early Detection of cancer is the most important life saving aspect in the prevention of the cancer. Millions of lives can be saved from premature death and suffering, if cancer is timely detected and treated.

Key points for Early Detection :-

Self examination :-

The first step towards prevention of cancer is to assess yourself. You have the power to take control of your health by doing self examination. Any abnormality is to be considered , as precancerous growth ,if detected early can be removed, thus stopping the disease in its tracks only.

Alarming Signs and Symptoms:-

Like a “Alarm Clock”, Our body also, gives us some Alarming signs and symptoms, which should not be ignored, as these have higher probability of being a precancerous stage.
As per the Location, they are as follows:-

1. Breast:- Any lump or asymmetry in breast, skin retraction or nipple retraction, Bloodstained discharge or any eczematous changes in Areola.
2. Cervix:- Post coital Bleeding, or excessive vaginal discharge.
3. Gastro Intestinal Symptoms :- Unexplained weight loss, Anaemia, Blood stained Stools or vomiting, or Disruptions in bowel habits
4. Naso –Pharynx/ Larynx :- Nose bleed or permanent nose block, Deafness, or Persistent Hoarseness in Voice.
5. Oral Cavity:-White or red lesions or Non healing ulcers in mouth.
6. Melanoma :-Skin Lesions ( either red or brown),or non-healing ulcers.
7. Urinary bladder / Prostrate:-Pain, Frequent & uneasy urination, blood in urine.
8. Testis:- Swelling or asymmetry in testis.

Ask a Doctor:-
For any such above stated signs or any other symptoms, never hesitate or delay in seeking your doctor’s opinion. Proper guidance by your doctor is the only way to assure you about your concerns regarding your health.

Get Screened :-
“ A stitch in time saves nine’, This is what screening all about. If you have a family
history of Cancer, then you should go for investigations as advised by your doctor from time to
time. Screening helps in evaluating precancerous stage, if existing in an individual.

Every person has the social responsibility to put his knowledge into action. Therefore , people
working in health sectors try to create awareness by putting up cancer detection camps, so the
least one can do is to participate in such camps and get himself screened.

“ Prevention is always better than cure”. Preventing the illness is always much easier than curing it, and it requires you to just open your eyes and making small steps towards better quality of life.



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